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It’s worth watching how the second-largest bitcoin miner — Kazakhstan. Last week, the country’s authorities disclosed their intention to tax miners based on the valuation of major digital assets. Alibek Kuantyrov – Deputy Minister of National Economy – believes the initiative will improve the state budget: “We are considering increasing the tax burden on miners, and currently we are also considering linking the tax rate for miners to the value of cryptocurrencies. If cryptocurrencies grow, this will have Good for the budget.”

As the catastrophic effects of climate change are felt more strongly around the world, it is critical that we end our reliance on fossil fuels and find more sustainable ways of living. While cryptocurrency is a cutting-edge technology that has attracted a lot of interest around the world, it has also been criticized by environmental groups and others for the large amount of energy required to mine it. In short, since cryptocurrency mining requires high-performance computers.
Langchen (Chengdu) International Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on blockchain miner related products and computer hardware related products. Today in the 21st century, we keep up with the pace of the times. While developing the economy, we always pay attention to every move of the international community. Green energy and sustainable development are the top priorities.


In the field of mining machine technology, we strive to increase the hash rate, strictly control product quality and prolong product life. In terms of services, after more than 5 years of continuous R&D and innovation in the blockchain field, we have home-use mining machines and mining machines suitable for professional mining farms, and we also provide IDC solutions. I believe that we can also achieve "green mining" in the near future.

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