The first municipality to mine Bitcoin.

Fort Worth, Texas, has installed three bitcoin mining rigs at the City Hall data center as a six-month pilot.

Miners are known to work on solving complex computational mathematical problems to create new bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins enter circulation. "Mining" is performed using complex hardware that solves extremely complex computational mathematical problems. The first computer that finds a solution to the problem receives the next block of Bitcoin, and the process begins again.

In the past 6 years, our company has continuously developed and produced a series of mining platforms. The one that has to be mentioned is the following one.


The computing power of the whole machine reaches 520MH/S ±5%. What’s more worth mentioning is that the whole machine adopts the RTX 3070M graphics card, and its computing power and quality are very worthy of praise. The most important thing in mining coins is the hash rate. Only the strongest combination of chassis and graphics card can bring benefits, otherwise it is a waste of resources and manpower. For cryptocurrency miners, that could mean a lot of money, with each bitcoin being worth a little over $40,000 recently. It's hard to resist being part of such a massive and profitable mining session. In the past 6 years, we have all reflected our entrepreneurial spirit and kept pace with the times. To provide the best quality service to customers around the world, since Texas has changed its decision to introduce bitcoin mining machines, this move is bound to make the whole industry more excited.
The pioneering spirit is vibrant,” said Fort Worth Economic Development Director Robert Stunes. “Through this program, we will attract dynamic companies to share this vision of the future. "Our company is also happy to continue this spirit, to win opportunities for more "miners" and to serve global customers. Please go to our independent and international sites for more product information.
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