RX580 mining card for gpu mining rig

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Highly cost-effective entry mining graphics card, using AMD chips, with excellent performance and reliable quality, the theoretical computing power of a single graphics card can reach up to 30m/s, high-standard packaging technology and strict testing procedures to ensure the performance of the mining card Work stably in a complex environment.

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1. The graphics card used for ETH mining is manufactured with high standards and has a unique overall design; the quality is stable and durable, and the performance is more stable.
2. Cost-effective entry mining graphics card, using AMD chips, excellent performance and reliable quality.
3. This ETH mining card has two high-speed fans, steeply curved blades accelerate the airflow, provide a stable downward heat dissipation airflow, and ensure the stable operation of the mining card.

We have 588 chip mining cards in many packaging styles. The main picture shows one of the 588 mining cards.


Reminder: This graphics card can only be used for mining encrypted currency, not suitable for home computers.

Please send your questions or orders, we will serve you wholeheartedly.




1. Is this graphics card used for ETH mining brand new?
Yes, it is brand new, and we will deliver it in industrial packaging.

2. How much is the freight?
Shipping costs depend on factors such as package size, weight, and destination. The shipping cost will be reflected in the quotation we send to you.

3. Why buy mining cards from you instead of other suppliers?
We have been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of blockchain mining machine related products since 2015, and have rich production experience and market experience. For GPU mining cards, we have a professional packaging workshop and testing workshop. Each mining card will be tested with a mining machine before delivery to ensure that customers can use it normally.

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  • Graphics core

    Chip manufacturer


    Graphics chip

    Radeon RX 580

    Display chip series

    AMD RX 500 series


    14 nm

    Core code

    Polaris 20 XTX

    Core frequency

    Overclocking mode: 1294MHz

    Game mode: 1284MHz

    Stream Processing Unit


    Video memory specifications

    Video memory frequency


    Video memory type


    Memory capacity


    Video memory bit width


    Maximum resolution


    Graphics interface

    Interface Type

    PCI Express 3.0 16X

    I/O interface

    HDMI*1 , DVI*1 , DisplayPort*1

    Power connector


    Other parameters

    Graphics card type


    Cooling method

    Dual fan cooling

    3D API

    DirectX 12

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