Sales service


  • Online factory inspection is acceptable.
  • It can assist customers in product planning and system demand analysis, so that our products can meet customer needs to the greatest extent, and at the same time, the customer's investment can maximize economic benefits.
  • Combining customer needs, we can provide tailor-made personalized solutions for each user to meet customer customization needs.
  • The professional sales team will answer your questions online.


  • Shipment according to the trade method agreed with the customer.
  • The logistics information of tracking goods is fed back to customers at any time.
  • The warranty policy of the mining machine is as follows:
    1. Provide a 1-year warranty service, if it is not damaged by humans, you can send it back to our factory for repair;
    2. For mass purchases, we will follow your purchase quantity 1% of the ratio provides additional spare parts.